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Embodied healing

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reconnect with your body

In this modern age, we have become disconnected from our bodies and our intuitive healing instincts. With certified Focalizing sessions, I can guide you on how to reintegrate your body and mind. By doing this, you can learn to release stress and related symptoms in a whole new way.

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my story

Hi. My name is Sam!

I was born and raised in Montana, USA, which has given me access to beautiful nature and wide open spaces.

As a multicultural, Anishinaabe-Nehiyawak, Mexican, and European descent person, I grew up with a blend of cultures, and this opened my mind to acceptance of all people.

I am a proud descendant of warriors, Medicine People, storytellers, and Curanderas.

I am certified in Focalizing by the Focalizing Institute. I have a BA in psychology from Boston University, am a board-certified peer support specialist in mental health, and am a graduate student in Counseling.

what is embodied healing?

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Embodied healing, embodiment, or somatic therapy are all ways that we can refer to modalities that promote healing by integrating the body and mind and using one’s internal guidance to target blockages that prevent one from accessing “source energy”. Source energy is just one term for many forces: Joy, Peace, Freedom, Great Spirit, Creativity, God, Goddess, etc. The terminology for each individual is completely unique and personal.

Focalizing is a type of embodied healing created by Dr. Michael Picucci, who utilized this modality with many individuals throughout his career in the mental health field. Focalizing involves specific, time-tested techniques to allow individuals to access their body’s natural healing forces.

Many individuals can benefit from embodied healing. The ones that I have worked with in the past include:

  • Neurodivergent individuals
  • Those suffering from poor self-esteem or body image issues
  • Professionals experiencing burnout or compassion fatigue
  • Those wanting to reconnect with their feminine energy
  • Individuals working on self-acceptance
  • Those curious about their spirituality
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who can benefit from embodied healing?

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what happens in a Focalizing session?

During a Focalizing session, (which can be in-person or via telehealth, we will identify your intention for the session, as well as “resources” or sources of support. I will lead you in a grounding exercise. This may also sometimes involve guided imagery, movement, or breathing.

Once you are in an embodied space, we begin the process of mirroring, which involves you communicating your internal experiences. As a space-holder, I provide a reflection of this experience, as well as provide gentle feedback.

When the session finds a natural ending, I will bring us to a landing and help you integrate this experience through discussion.

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contact me (406)-465-7650 54 N Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT

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